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It is not my intention to provide a comprehensive set of chess links, but simply to mention some interesting places that I find useful, entertaining or intellectually stimulating. (Some other places that I’ve found er stimulating are, I’m afraid, not mentioned here...)

The Week In Chess: Mark Crowther’s superbly up to date site, full of games and news.

John Saunders' British Chess Magazine is an excellently run site that helps keep everybody up to date about the British chess scene:

I seem to have become webmaster for the Howard Staunton Society, celebrating the life and works of the Victorian genius:

A site for players keen to improve their game. Have a mental work out in the chess gym!

I belong to the BCF (British Chess Federation).It also has a useful website:

Tim Krabbé’s excellently written and constructed site is full of aesthetic games and problems. Strongly recommended:

A fascinating educational site. The net at its best! Visit abelard:

Probably the world’s funniest chess magazine is Jonathan Manley’s Kingpin. It is now online:

A friend’s website with spot on political and social analysis, amusing quotes and other interesting content:

A hard hitting journalist with strong but well researched and objective views, especially on the impending battle between western democracy and Muslim fundamentalism:

As an example of how dynamic a chess club site can be, try Barnet Chess Club at:

Malcolm Pein’s London Chess Centre, 369 Euston Road, London NW1 3AR (tel 020 7 388 2404), is a great shop to visit in real time. The virtual experience is at:

Roberto Messa’s excellent Italian magazine Torre & Cavallo has several items of special interest to me, but in Italian:

If you are interested in politics , the debate in the following newsgroup is lively and intelligent, sometimes even deep:

And another newsgroup with random chess content, sometimes interesting sometimes not is:

A most elegant website presenting endgame studies and other chess content in an artistic and tasteful way (click on the chess set):

If you are interested in the wonderful world of chess problems, I can strongly recommend joining the British Chess Problem Society. Visiting Brian Stephenson's useful site is a good start:

You could join the British Nietzsche Society! This does not have anything much to do with chess, but Nietzsche is one of the greatest writers of all time:

A good search engine:

Looking for a book? Try:

The chesscafe is a very worthwhile site with many fine contributors:

Cricket is a further passion of mine.. The best online coverage is at:

If you enjoy gambling, there are odds available at Betsson on major chess events at the following betting exchange:

Other good betting sites: and  and and

And Also: and  and and I bank with

Betfair is another good betting exchange, but one that sadly does not usually cover chess events:

Up to date market info:

Or a good news site:

As a chessbase user I cannot forget to mention Freddy Friedel’s site: 

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