The question of talent

What makes a strong chess player? My thoughts on the subject are outlined in my book Genius in Chess (128 pages, Batsford, 1997, £12.99 ISBN 0 7134 8049 1)

Central to the book is a selection of original tests designed to measure your talent, rather than your current strength. You can compare your performance on the tests with the likes of: Nigel Short, Alexei Shirov, Michael Adams, Jonathan Speelman, Matthew Sadler, Julian Hodgson, Gerald Hertneck, Michele Godena, Artur Kogan, Jonathan Parker, Susan Lalic, and Luke McShane. All of them participated in the tests and their results are given. The Knight and Queen test (hit ‘back’ on your browser and go to the top of the page) is taken from the book.

Genius in Chess

Extracts from Genius in Chess:

Perhaps the most controversial claim in the book is that Elo ~ 10xIQ + 1000. The meaning of the ~ is explained in the book!

Reviews of Genius in Chess

My Italian friend, Roberto Messa was brave enough to translate and publish the book in Italian. Roberto edits the really excellent Italian magazine, Torre & Cavallo.

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Italian version
Il Genio Negli Scacchi  (Genius in Chess ­ Italian Version)

Feedback is most welcome. What do you think of the theory outlined in ‘Genius’? Do you have a better equation than Elo ~ 10xIQ + 1000?

E-mail me! I do try to reply.

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