Reviews of Secrets Of Spectacular Chess

Secrets Of Spectacular Chess

‘This refreshingly innovative book could well prove to be one of the most important improvement aids in years...cannot fail to broaden the chess horizons of even the most imaginative players.’ Angus Dunnington, Yorkshire Post

‘If ever there was a book to encourage you to admire beauty in chess for its own sake, this must be it. Many of the examples are pure magic and the authors’ zeal is infectious...Will all this improve your play? The answer is an unequivocal yes. It will open your eyes to possibilities you had no idea existed...’ review, British Chess Magazine.

‘A treasure not to be missed’ Murray Chandler, editorial in the B.C.M.

‘An enormous amount of work - and love - has gone into this imaginative book.’ review, Chess Monthly.

‘Refreshingly wordy’ Jon Speelman, The Observer Magazine.

‘It certainly makes spectacular bedtime reading’ Dominic Lawson, editor of the Spectator.

‘Few chess books these days make you anxious to get back to the board. This one does.’ David Lawson, Dragon.

‘The most fascinating chess book I have seen in`s just a lovely book to own.’ John Walker The Oxford Times.

‘Secrets of Spectacular Chess is a very interesting book; an excellent guide for people like me...’ Hans Ree, New in Chess.

‘Un ouvrage aussi remarquable qu`inhabituel qui sera une mine de plaisir pour celui qui voudra prendre le peine de le lire et de le relire de la premičre ŕ la derničre page.’ review, Europe Echecs.

‘Dieses Buch ist ein kleines Meisterwerk, aber man kann es nicht erzählen, man muß es einfach gelesen haben.’ Gerald Hertneck, Schach.

‘...will definitely win the 1995 (BCF Book of the Year) award’ J.A Tait, Correspondence Chess.

‘A delightful feast of fantastic chess...In this masterpiece the authors combine the three elements of chess - practical play, problems and studies - to delight and amaze the reader.’ Ivor Annetts, The Mid Devon Gazette.

‘Reading Spectacular Chess has made me understand why this move eluded me for over a decade’ (about the move 15...a6 in a critical line of the Benoni) David Norwood, The Weekend Telegraph.

‘Outstanding’ Bill Hartston, The Independent.

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