Games, Studies and Problems

My creative output in chess is pretty limited. Sadly I find very few of my games aesthetically satisfying, though it does happen from time to time. Perhaps I have dabbled with composition to make up for this. So far I prefer non-fairy pieces, but have never composed a mate in two. Many of my problems involve the corners of the chessboard - I have no idea why. I take great pride in some of my serieshelpmates.

Wanna solve my problems?

  • Mates in three and longer

  • Helpmates

  • Serieshelpmates

  • If you need to know the definition of a helpmate or serieshelpmate, click here

  • Maybe You prefer studies?

  • Three studies

  • Surely you donít want to see some selected games ?!.

  • Three combinative finishes

  • Selected games, unannotated or with light comments

  • S
    ome fully annotated games (with thanks to Chess monthly):

  • Levitt - Short, Calcutta 1998

  • Arkell - Levitt, 4NCL, Slough, 1995

  • Levitt - Parker, British Chamionships, Swansea, 1995

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