Carl Schlechter - Emanuel Lasker


Excerpt from game 5, Berlin, 1910

Game 5

Black is a healthy pawn up with all the winning chances, but...

45.Qe1 Qd3
46.Rb4! c5?

46...Ra5! maintained a large advantage, probably sufficient to win. Schlechter gives 47.Rb3! Qxb3 48.Qxa5+ Qb6 as winning for Black while 46...Rb5 was also good enough, as suggested by Capablanca

47.Ra4 c4
48.Qa1 Qxe4+
49.Kh2 Rb5
50.Qa2! Qe5+

Schlechter is playing all the right moves and it is already time for Black to start thinking in terms of being satified with a draw. Lured on by his material advantage, Lasker goes for more. Note that 50...Rb3?? was no good: 51.Qxb3 Qf4+ 52.Qg3 wins for White.

51.Kg1 Qe1+
52.Kh2 d5
53.Ra8 Qb4
54.Kg2 Qc5?

But this is certainly going too far. Schlechter suggests 54...Rb7!

55.Qa6! Rb8?

Desperate measures were now called for. Letting White win the black queen after 55...c3! offered excellent chances of salvation based on the advanced c-pawn.

56.Ra7+ Kd8
57.Rxg7 Qb6
58.Qa3! Kc8

Black Resigned.


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