Latest Updates


January 2001:      Credibility and the World Title 

March 2001:         Updates and Recent Events

July 2001:             Three's a Crowd

September 2001:  Book Review - Jonathan Rowson's "The Seven Deadly Chess Sins"

November 2001:   Tony Miles (1955 - 2001)

January 2002:       Book Review - Thomas Glavinic's "Carl Haffner's Love of the Draw"

December 2002:   Mixed blessings

February 2003:     Ending in the Middle

June 2003:            Life at 40

September 2003Surprise England Call Up

November 2003 Suffolk Magazine Interview

May 2004:             Working for Garry Kasparov

October 2004:       The England Team

December 2005:       Another Year Almost Gone




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