Life at 40

Today, 3rd June 2003, marks the 40th anniversary of my birth. To be honest (it's better than the alternative) my mood is far from the feeling of life just beginning. More one of so much time gone by, so much of it wasted, so much left to do, so little energy to do it all…

One could easily get depressed at the relative futility of it all but a handful of small achievements (a maths degree, a GM title, a bouncy baby, a couple of chess books, some serieshelpmates I'm proud of…) and being busy moving house stop me from feeling too downhearted.

After quarter of a century at Clarendon Court on the Finchley Road in North London, I am off to the sunny suburbs of Ipswich. Kesgrave to be precise…about a ten minute drive from Woodbridge School where I will be hoping to help build a thriving chess academy. Also about two minutes walk from the local Tesco, which is quite handy.

My new address (expecting to move at the end of June):

33 Reeve Gardens
Ipswich IP5 2FG

I am still available for coaching. It's about an hour up the A12 from London.

The best way to contact me is by e-mail:

Please note my homechoice e-mail has been terminated.


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