Working for Garry Kasparov

The last few months I have been helping put together a new website for Garry Kasparov:

The site aims to promote the ‘My Great Predecessors’ books and hopefully will grow into something more than that. Of course for a chess player like myself it has been most interesting working for Garry, discussing various ideas on the phone with him and getting an insight into how his mind works. He uses the internet but is not an expert on it, however he clearly has ‘strategic vision’ and knows exactly what he wants.

The website is going live today (18th May) and shortly I will set about publicising it! It is Garry’s site and I am just a hired hand but my job will be to run the site and make updates (Tinni does all the technical stuff).

Nicholas had his second birthday party in April. I play hardly any chess now, just a few games in the 4NCL and maybe the odd tournament if a nice one turns up. My results have been alright considering how rusty I must be becoming. I no longer teach at Woodbridge School but still offer private tuition at home so if anyone fancies a trip out to the Eastern wilds of Ipswich please e-mail me.



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