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My only other book was an Ďinstantí book (out the day the match ended) on the Fischer - Spassky return match:

Bobby Fischer: The $5,000,000 Comeback, by Jonathan Levitt, Nigel Davies and Malcolm Pein, Cadogan, 1992. 136pp. ISBN 1 85744 0420. £7.99.

Bobby Fischer: The $5,000,000 Comeback

Itís a good book and deserves to be in print, but isnít. I doubt if Iíll write for Cadogan again. They simply did not print more copies when it sold out.

Iíve written more magazine articles and game annotations than I care to remember...Some of the better magazine articles are linked from this page. For some recent game annotations, click here


One of the funnier ones was written in about 1985 and first appeared in Kingpin:
Snooker without balls

Thereís some interesting psychology in the following article:
Indiscrete Chess

One of the most amazing combinations Iíve ever seen was composed by a chap calling himself ĎPatrick of Hullí during the First World War. I wrote an article about it for the British Chess Magazine:
Patrick of Hull

The next one is a fictitious dialogue I wrote in connection with a study I composed : 
Endgame Dialogue

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