Are You a Chess Genius?

Now is the time to discover your chess talent!
You will need a clock and a chessboard as well as one white knight and one black queen.
First read the instructions carefully...then do the test, timing how long you take.
The task is to make successive knight moves so that the knight visits all the necessary squares in turn. You should not take the black queen, nor put the knight en prise at any stage. Visit the squares in the following sequence: c1, e1, f1, h1, a2, c2, e2, g2, h2, a3, b3, f3 and so on until you reach g8 (h8 is attacked by the black queen). Squares visited in getting from b1 to c1 (say) are not crossed off, but must be visited again at the appropriate time. You should do this test once only, though you might like to see how much your speed improves on the second attempt. (Later you could try doing it ‘blindfold’ too, there is no better way to start the day!)
You may wish to bookmark this page and go off-line to do the test (ten minutes or less reveals real chess talent.)
Good Luck!
talent test
Click here for solution and results
Extract from Genius in Chess (J. Levitt, 128 pages, Batsford, 1997, £12.99 ISBN 0 7134 8049 1)
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